Sep 5, 2013

There is no second thoughts about mobile marketing being the future. Now a days, people don’t have time to sit at one place and read newspapers, watch TV etc. They want to do everything on the go hence, they use mobile for almost everything.

There are some definite advantages of mobile marketing however, you must understand that you should have a proper strategy in place in order to promote your company well on mobile platforms.

Some of the marketing practices on which you should pay attention, are:

Mobile Website

For many people mobile is the first point of access for the information they are looking for. Hence, it is very vital to have a mobile website instead of a desktop website which people are accessing from mobile. There is a huge difference between mobile website and the components which goes into it. Always incorporate all the mandatory features in your mobile website and avoid any unwanted information over the mobile website. As it will increase page download time which is not good for a mobile website in terms of user experience and search engine ranking.

Mobile Apps

Now, who does not know about the functionality of mobile apps? You can very easily reach to your target audience through mobile apps. You can create informative, instructive, entertaining mobile apps for your product and services. If they are planned well, they can spread the word about your brand like fire.

Mobile Ads

Mobile ads offer different version like display, banner, audio etc. They can be an efficient as well as cost effective tools to spread awareness about your brand. Make sure that you are selecting the right budget, platform and time to run your ads. Just like on desktop, you can chose to display your ad in specific geographic.

Response QR Codes

QR codes are very effective medium when you want to be connected with your customers. A recent survey has shown that approximately 50% of the smartphone users have scanned QR codes of their favorite brand and 18% have even made the purchase after receiving an offer on the QR codes. One can use QR codes for increasing their sales very easily.

SMS Marketing

We can also call them as leaflets and pamphlets of new digital age. They convey our desired message to the user. A recent survey has shown that businesses prefer to opt for a mobile message marketing in comparison to e-mail marketing. Even the response of message marketing is better than e-mail marketing.

Mobile Search Marketing

Promotion of your brand is important but one has to understand that mobile search is distinct from desktop search. Search patterns as well as the motivation behind the consumer’s behavior are very different. It has been observed that, people while searching on mobile are looking for a local results. Hence, it is very vital to keep in mind your consumer behavior before promoting your company product and services. It’s also recommended to use mobile compatible resources in your mobile search marketing in order to provide same user experience.

At last we can certainly say that mobile marketing is the future and one must align their brand as per the latest mobile trends. If someone is deliberately neglecting this component for too long, it can create problem for their business growth. Select the appropriate mobile marketing medium for your company and reach out to large number of people.


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