Jul 11, 2013

iOS6 was launched last year and the technology market was not kind to this product. It has to face lots of criticism and disapproval. Apple Inc is working constantly to launch a product which is creative and innovative, in order to challenge Android. This user interface is now six years old and while it has been repeatedly polished in every revision so far, it was decidedly starting to look out-of-date. Whether it’s about the UI or notification center, iOS was using the same old interface for it.

With iOS7, Apple is claiming that they are coming up with something which is robust, new and advanced. Whether it is physical-based wallpapers, or the iPhone or iPad lock screen, notification center and control center access, they have worked on each specific area to launch a product which is innovative and well conceptualized. But is it enough? Or they still have to compete? These questions will remain unreciprocated till the time the final product reaches in the hand of the users. As of today, it’s been assumed that iOS7 will be launched with coincide release dates of their new iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 in the fall or around mid of September 2013.

Apple is still not sharing any product details nor giving away the official release date. With the specifications and details given on iOS7, we have come to a conclusion of these given key features which are likely to be part of this new operating system. They are:

1. Complete UI face-lift with adaptive colors and system-wide Back swipe gesture
2. Dynamic wallpapers
3. Control Center with toggles, multimedia controls and shortcuts
4. You can customize multitasking feature
5. Updated Maps with Night mode and Turn-by-Turn walking directions
6. New system icons and folders, animated icons etc.
7. All apps multitasking with new card interface
8. Search apps which are based on location in the Appstore
9. If stolen, just turn off the Find My iPhone application then without giving the iCloud password it can’t be accessed
10. Updated Safari browser with unified search filed
11. iTunes radio
12. Camera filters with live preview and new square mode
13. New Photos app with better photo organization, picture editing
14. AirDrop file sharing (new feature)
15. Weather app with live weather animations
16. New Siri interface, new supported commands, new voices (with a male voice). In fact User can select Siri languages like French, German, and other languages too
17. Siri has also added support for Twitter, Wikipedia, and shows web search results direct from Bing.
18. FaceTime audio
19. Automatic app update
20. Contact Blacklist
21. Chinese-English, Italian, Korean and Dutch dictionaries
22. Inclinometer within the Compass app and many more. You can find more about their features at here

These features looks promising, with the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6. Technology market is also buzzing with the rumor that it has 13 megapixel camera, which is much higher than the 8 megapixel which Apple is currently offering with iPhone 5. iOS7 indeed has gone flat which brings the dynamic wallpapers and most importantly the parallax view to those flat icons, it means the screen will literally now give that 3D pop-up look. Even though they have tried to come up with really fascinating there are some loop-holes which can’t be ignored, which are–

1. No widgets
2. No open file system i.e. you often have to duplicate files
3. Air Drop works only between selected iOS7 and later versions and for iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G, iPad 4 and iPad mini
4. Limited integration of 3rd party social networks and services
5. iTunes radio only works in the US
6. Very basic camera UI with limited features and settings
7. Filters in Photos app are not supported by the iPad 2

The beta of iOS7 will be accessible only for iPhone 4 and up, iPad 2 and up, iPad Mini, and fifth-generation iPod Touch in the coming weeks. The final version is coming this fall. It’s still something which is not certain, we hope they come up with some real innovations for which Apple is famous for. The competition is way higher in the market where each and every mobile operating system are playing a cut-throat game for the #1 position. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.


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