Jul 2, 2013

IBM Worklight capabilities

There is no doubt that IBM has given a new direction to enterprise mobile application development with IBM Worklight. This is an exceptionally advanced product which has been well planned, and well conceptualized. It’s a technology which almost every application developer wants.

Leaving the previous version of IBM Worklight behind, IBM has now launched IBM Worklight V6.0 with its superior technology and innovative advancements, this is a platform which is set to take the market by storm, as IBM Worklight Developers benefit from all the best, improved, features.

With the new version of IBM Worklight, organizations can:

  • Build applications which are supportable with multiple mobile operating environments from a single shared code.
  • Enhance the form of mobile security at application, device and layer level to give better user ability to consumer.
  • Effortlessly connect and synchronize with applications, cloud services and enterprise data.
  • Govern the data and maintain mobile application portfolio from one central location.
  • Facilitate consumers to have better accessibility towards stored data.

IBM Worklight Version 6.0 can revolutionize security standards of global organizations around the world. As this platform has been launched to support application podium, user validation, encoded client-server communication, and offline availability. Some of the features also facilitate enterprise application solution providers to do on-device encrypted, and offline validation of the user, before launching the application platform.

This 6.0 version of IBM Worklight can provide a comprehensive environment for cross platform mobile application development. This will help organizations to:

  • Build new platform applications: Companies will be able to build applications for even the newest mobile application environment such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Microsoft windows phone, windows 8 etc. 

  • Explore different platforms: Now developers can also build applications for set-top boxes, mobile phones and other embedded system with Java ME.

  • Reuse codes: Now companies can maximize the reuse of the codes among different mobile operating systems.

  • Simplify application development: Some of the features, like drag-and-drop, give access towards simplified application development using HTML5, Dojo Mobile or JQuery Mobile to enhance user experience.

  • Have better application quality: IBM Worklight Version 0.6 is providing better application quality to the users. These features enable developers and testers to record, edit and play back-to-back codeless test scripts on physical and rivalled devices.

These are features which will lead your company on the path to success, and why more and more businesses are choosing IBM Worklight Version 6.0 Further key capabilities include:

IBM Worklight - server side development

  • WY SIWYG UI Construction
  • Drag and drop features
  • Upgraded code usage
  • Simulated preview on browser and devices
  • SDK native integration
  • Enhanced Rational Team Concert integration 

In today’s world it pays to be at the forefront of modern technology, so that you can provide the simplest and most innovative solutions to your customers. IBM Worklight version 6.0 has proved its value as its popularity with developers escalates. Put your company ahead of the game with IBM Worklight V6.0.

Image: credited from ibm site


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