Jun 11, 2013

PhoneGap is an open source technology which facilitates in building cross platform mobile apps using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.  Building application for different devices- Android, iPhone, Blackberry required different framework, lots of efforts and different languages. PhoneGap has been launched in the market to solve the same problem.

PhoneGap is using standard-based web machinery to build the application for mobile devices. All the PhoneGap apps are standard compliant, they are easy to work with and provide a very robust platform to develop application.

The AIR simulator of PhoneGap technology works very well with Mac, Windows and Linux. It assist the PhoneGap developer to test run the application on every platform to ensure the success of the application. All the business is looking to mobilize its operations and adopting the application which are best suited for their consumers, PhoneGap is looking like a perfect solution to them.

There are following advantages to PhoneGap which can help your business:

Single code to develop apps on all platform

With PhoneGap technology a developer can develop application for blackberry, iPhone, android just with one code. It actually helps the PhoneGap application developer to create applications which are innovative yet effective on all platform.

Turn-around time

With this effective cross mobile platform, time to market of the applications reduce commendably. The applications can be ready really soon and they can be tested parallel which will again save the time of business and they will be able to provide better application to their consumers.


With PhoneGap technology, developers can reuse one code for all the mobile platform with minimum efforts which will reduce the development cost. The applications will hold better user experience still they will not put the additional burden on the companies.

Create apps with HTML, CSS and Javascript

Now cross platform mobile developers can innovate and develop robust mobile applications using HTML, CSS and Javascript. It will help developers to come up with well conceptualized and user friendly applications.

When PhoneGap was launched, the market speculated that it would be difficult for this technology to make its mark but it was a very wrong assumption. PhoneGap has nourished itself quite well and it turned out to be the only open source that supports seven platforms. 

PhoneGap just does not only do wonders with phone and web applications, it also allows for access to hardware features including GPS, Camera, sound and more. It has bought revolution in the market and more and more business are looking at cross platform PhoneGap technology to create enterprise mobile applications for them.

If you also want to develop an application for your business then opting for PhoneGap open source will be an efficient decision because it will give you an amazing product which is low on cost and works on all the seven platform. It is must go platform!


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