Jun 7, 2013

Till a couple of years ago, mobile phones were primarily used for making and receiving calls. These days, with the advent of smartphones and various other models, mobiles have turned into multifunctional devices which are not only used for communication but have actually become a lifeline. There has been a rapid growth in the mobile phone market share with every passing year. There is tough competition among mobile device manufacturers and software development companies. While the former try to come up with devices with new features, the mobile application development companies strive to compete with each other for developing innovative and creative ideas and applications for mobile phones.

These days mobile application development is in demand. With the launch of latest smartphones and tablets in the market, there has been an increase in the variations in mobile operating system standards. This has led to a drastic growth in cross-platform market solutions and mobile development tools. The current mobile application development solutions have various shortcomings which include limited development environment and uncommon scripting languages. These shortcomings force mobile developers to either think about the cost or time involved in order to market the apps. However the launch of IBM Worklight has simplified the development of mobile web, hybrid, and native applications across multiple mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows® Phone making multi-device mobile application development easy.

IBM launched Worklight®, an open, comprehensive and advanced mobile application development platform to help organizations extend their business successfully into mobile devices. IBM Worklight maintains support for current mobile operating system (OS) versions through regular releases and fix packs. 

Role of IBM Worklight in Mobile Application Development

  • IBM® Worklight helps organizations in extending their business to mobile devices. 
  • It aids organizations to develop, test, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native applications which results in decreasing development cost, time to market; ultimately improving mobile application governance and security.
  • Worklight, a premier cross mobile application platform by IBM, has improved mobile application governance and security by the use of new standard-based technologies that actually eliminate the use of code translation, proprietary interpreters and unpopular scripting languages.

How do organizations benefit with the use of IBM Worklight

  • It helps development of mobile applications under multiple mobile operating environments; that too from a single, shared code base 
  • It can easily synchronize with enterprise data, applications and cloud services 
  • It also safeguards mobile security on the device, application and network layer 
  • It can govern the mobile application portfolio from one central control point
  • It enables better user experience across multiple mobile devices

The launch of IBM Worklight has brought in a new era in mobile application development. It has made the process of developing and running multi-device mobile applications very easy. It delivers a truly open approach and provides secure connection to various enterprises. 


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