May 22, 2013

mobile application development with IBM worklightRecently 27 winners of the CODiE 2013 Awards were announced in software categories under the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA); meant for various software and digital content industries. The CODiE Awards founded in 1986 by the Software Publishers Association (SPA), now SIIA are actually called now the Excellence in Software Awards. Here pioneers of software industry could actually appraise and honor each other’s work.

In this award ceremony various business software products and services which were there for nomination were first reviewed by third-party judges, later those evaluations were determined by 100 finalists. Out of these 100; SIIA members then actually voted them for 27CODiE Award Winners.

Let us discuss here IBM Worklight Winner of CODiE 2013 Award for Best Mobile Development Solution from IBM Corporation.

IBM Worklight has brought a new era in mobile application development which provides an open, comprehensive and advanced cross platform mobile application for smartphones and tablets. This platform from IBM can now help organizations of all sizes be it large, medium or small in successfully developing and managing mobile and multi device applications. The use of IBM Worklight platform enables creation of rich, cross-platform apps without the use of code translation, proprietary interpreters or unpopular scripting languages.

In today’s Hi-Tech world it is the need of hour for mobile application development companies to develop applications for multifunctional devices which in turn can provide better communication to their customers.

Omnie Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. a technology solutions provider has become largest ASL partner for IBM Worklight in North America. This partnership will help Omnie Solutions to offer enterprise mobile application solutions for mobile devices to meet customer needs and increase productivity. With the implementation of IBM Worklight; Omnie Solutions offers cross mobile application development which could actually reduce development complexity and hence deliver better mobile user experience to its clients.

IBM Worklight being declared winner of CODiE 2013 Award; is actually a great news for all of the organizations who are striving hard to provide multi device mobile application development to their customers.


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