Apr 23, 2013

HR departments are the most hectic departments of any firm. Their operation goes beyond hiring and training employees. They have to take care of every single step to make the firm working seamlessly and efficiently. They have to fulfill the demands of the Management while keeping in mind employee’s welfare.

The effectiveness of this department lays on the proper time management i.e. how to take actions or manages activities on time. Handing a huge number of employees is also not easy. Not even a single mistake or difficultly is acceptable in this department. Proper database with handling of database and the Content management system is important. However because of large amount of data and information, handling them manually is not easy. 

Automating HR system is definitely a solution to reduce the stress and immense pressure from this department. You can either have your in-house IT department to create a system for you or you can hire someone to do it for you. It’s obvious that this automated system can’t do all the manual work but it will help the HR department a lot. Some process which can be automated are:

Human Resource Information System (HRIS): It is a software or online solution for the data entry, data tracing, and data information needs of all the Human Resources, payroll, management, and accounting functions within a business. Keeping track records of hundreds and thousands of employees is not easy via manual system. So, it’s better to opt for automated HRIS for organizations. Many organizations go for customized application systems according to their requirements. 

Performance Management System

It should help a line manager to set his employee's performance goals, monitor the performance, offer timely feedback for capacity building, evaluate performance of the employee over a period, and reward performance accordingly. It should also give higher management an opportunity to look at the collective performance of the employees, look for exploitable strengths, identify gaps and address these gaps. A good automated system should also allow the manager to compare the employee's performance with others or against past performance to determine the growth properly.

Payroll System

Creating payroll for around 50 employees can be done manually with those excel sheets but if numbers of employees are greater than 100, keeping a proper check on each may led to an inaccuracy or mistake. Here implementing an automated payroll services for employees can resolve the issue.

Document Management or Knowledge management

It’s again that tedious paper or excels work where you have a keep a complete track of employee documents and information. By having an automated system you can create highly secure electronic files for storing and managing employee data.

Now we also have e-recruitment, it is the technology which support all the recruitment process. Using this tool, one can display career opportunities; potential hiring and other information which can be shared on other social networking or portals to make the news viral and can be reached to the maximum number of people in a short span of time. The major benefits of e-recruitment are:

• It is a cost-effective way to circulate job openings
• It can be spread to the greater number of people
• An easy tool to get associated to people with niche skills
• It speeds up the recruitment process i.e. faster posting of jobs, quicker applicant response, and rapid hiring
• 24*7 accesses to the online resumes

Now if I take a case of Employee Benefits, the use of ESS i.e. Employee Self Service has helped HR managers to offer more time on these strategic issues like workforce management, compensation planning, and succession planning etc. and confirming that the employee’s data are correct and updated. 

At the end, I can say with this growing world where technology is taken its place everywhere even in non-technical department. Technologies and any enterprise solutions just make our process easy and improve its performance. So it’s important that in today’s competitive world where organizations are opting complete automation of their system, you can’t ignore the department which ensures the processes goes smooth.


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