Jul 30, 2012

Today customer centricity, loyalty and profitability are becoming more important in the industry. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a versatile approach to improving one’s business through the proper acquisition and retention of a selected customer based. In this, Businesses both big companies and SMB are beginning to adopt this model. In this model, Siebel CRM applications  helps in increasing the sales, enhance the customer service and the marketing functions.

With the proficient technical expertise of the Consultants across theses diverse areas, such as User Interface, Business Process & Integration, and underlying Database, are equally able of setting up a Siebel CRM Implementation from the beginning or to enhance and improve an existing Implementation.

Siebel CRM mainly follows the given path for implementation

Sieble CRM Application Services by OmnieSolutions

  • Analysis: In other words, Requirement Analysis. The project begins with a planning, objective and scopes are reviewed and agreed to. The results are mapped and plan the actual implementation and design of the project and also set the budget for it.

  • Design: Designing of the project takes place. Prototyping, gap analysis and deployment planning is taken under consideration.

  • Develop: In this, installation of the software and personalization is been done as per the customer's requirements. This phase also includes testing, data migration, and the integration of any other software systems.

  • Deploy: In this phase, the software application is moved into a production environment, end-users are trained, data is migrated and all deliverable acceptance forms are completed.  

It is vital to address the business users in its operation and to train system support personnel (such as help desk staff) in both the system operation and activities related to its installation, removal, adjustment and interaction with other systems. We have to keep in mind; implementation of CRM in a business is completely customized. It has been designed or customize as per the client’s business needs. No two CRM can be same for two companies. We understand this need and we design the CRM  applications as per the business requirement. In this understanding of the extensive industry experience with the clients ranging from communication, high tech, finance, automotive, healthcare and biotechnology need to be achieved in the most cost effective manner.


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