Jul 30, 2012

SharePoint is the business platform which has joint efforts for the Enterprise and the Internet in an organization. It is considered to be one of the most productive frameworks created by Microsoft in the last decade. They have introduced office 365 and SharePoint 2010 which will mark major development for SharePoint users. The SharePoint predictions of the year 2012 are: 
SharePoint Application

The Cloud

With office 365 there is an additional advantage of the cloud i.e. it brings the additional functionality of online platform and a feature of on-premise SharePoint 2010 environments and it has more office web apps.   

Consumerizaion In IT  

The consumerization of IT isn't just about employees using consumer devices and apps at work. It's about consumers becoming the primary users of internal IT applications. SharePoint has addressed this consumerisation trend by supporting various browsers, operating systems and devices.

Proper Control And Guidance 

SharePoint 2010, it helps in imposing stricter rules on access and managing the data. It keeps a check on the amount of data that business are required to store and continue to growth.

 Up Gradation And Migrating

Businesses using the old version of SharePoint today are likely to pay attention on upgrading or migrating to SharePoint 2010. New features like enterprise search functions delivers out-of-the box intranet and people search

Proper Control Over Data

Storage optimization solutions for SharePoint will be the drivers behind this consolidation effort. One such solution is SharePoint’s Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) APIs. Organizations are starting to apply ECM methodologies, such as taxonomy and document holds in SharePoint. This will encourage businesses to focus even more on governance and planning.

 Social Network And Social Media

It has new improved features of social network. Microsoft has been touted as the ‘Facebook for the enterprise’ and is a leader in the 2011 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace. Features like My Sites, social feedbacks, wikis, blogs etc. give them a strong base to improve in the market.

With the introduction SharePoint 2010 content management system, the businesses will change and develop the ways of interaction using SharePoint applications. With the features discussed above it will make a revolutionary change in the business.


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