May 3, 2012

In the new Google Analytics interface you can easily track your Social Media Traffic and there is no need to create any filter and matrix for that.

You can get through it by this flowchart:

Traffic Sources  >>       Social                   >>       Social Visitors Flow
                                   (Tracks Social Media Traffic)     (Flow of Social Media Visitors)

In this flowchart presentation it shows the step by step process to track the visitors behavior once signing into your Google Analytics account.

First you go to Traffic Sources  click on the option Social   then there is an option of Social Media Traffic after which you have an option of Social Visitors Flow to track what’s the exact flow of the social media visitors on your website.

The way Google shows visitors flow is awesome because it is easy to understand and you can use it to create your SMO report. This new feature in Google Analytics helps to monitor easily the flow of social media traffic on your website. This feature can track the visitors behavior on the website till the time visitor exits the website. One can view where the visitor moves from one page to another within the website thus allowing us to get an instant graphical representation of visitor’s behavior.


  1. It is fantastic to know that anyone who owns a website has the ability to contorol traffic. By this ability it's much easier to know how to improve the exposure to new visitors

  2. Hi, nice article, social media is the best source of information and traffic.


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