May 31, 2012

There is a recent announcement for internet users from Google. Google has alerted users all over the globe that its internet services will remain shut down for July 9, 2012. Earlier the date set was March 8, 2012 but now it has been postponed.

The popped up message will be that “Your computer seems to be infected”. Google has also issued a warning to alert its users whose devices are being infected by the malware DNSChanger. This special message will appear at the top of Google search results page for users with affected devices.

This problem began when many international hackers ran an online advertising scam to control many infected computers around the world. The FBI has already tried to run a campaign for months, to encourage people to visit the website that will let them know whether their system is infected and also explain them how to fix the virus problem.

After this July 9, it is believed that the infected users won’t be able to connect to internet.

According to the latest updates from CNET, Google is planning to roll out alerts to users with infected computers via a special message that is supposed to appear at the top of Google search results page.

The motive behind launching this trial is to overcome the challenges faced by any common internet user. Also reason for the awareness campaign is the fact that most victims don't even know that their computers have been infected, however malicious software automatically slows down their web surfing and also disables their anti-virus software, which makes their machines more vulnerable to other problem.

In future only time can prove whether aim behind this shut down will be achieved or not.

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