May 17, 2012

As term suggests "Knowledge Graph" it will help you to find out new or related information quickly and easily in the search result page for the search query.

Now Google trying to provide as much as related information about the search query to fulfill your request.
Earlier search results are based on the keywords and Google will match your keywords in the page content and then serve the results accordingly. Now they broaden the results area for the vague search queries.

It is about providing the more accurate and related results for vague keywords like – Apple, King, Taj Mahal and many others.

If we will take user searched query like - Taj Mahal, we all know that Taj Mahal has a much broader meaning because it could be world’s most beautiful monuments, or a Grammy award-winning musician, or possibly even a casino in Atlantic City.

Now Google takes such vague queries and understands real-world entities and their relationships to one another: things, not as a string.

Such query process will give you now more related information for things, people or places that Google knows about like celebrities, landmarks, cities, sports teams, buildings, geographical features, movies, celestial objects, works of art and more. Now you can understand this search results addition focused more on comprehensive breadth and depth of search query.

Above summary was prepared by Atlanta Based Digital Marketing Agency name Aumcore Llc.


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