Aug 13, 2015

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The coming latest trend may be to own a drone of your own. Yes you read it correct it will be the next requisite tech tool. According to an Indian origin researcher Parimal Kopadekar, manager of NASA's Safe Autonomous System Operations Project at Ames Research Centre in Mountain View, Calif. 

He said it will not happen in some long-distant future but in coming 5 to 10 years, where every home will have their own drone and people will use them from farm and roof-top inspection to buying a screw driver. Once standard air traffic system will set up properly for UAV, than it will turn Drone into an engine of the economy. 

You might be amazed why drones been in news so much since a long time?
Its reasons are the following  two essential factors which matter a lot in present era –
First one is very well known to all is Technological advancement, which allows unmanned aerial vehicle to be accurately and safely guided over the long distance. And the second one is to gather better intelligence on the ground and the places where human cannot reach.

Recently amazon has declared to start using drones  to deliver packages in the United States in 2016 just after the approval of FAA. Similarly other service provider and individual also planning to take advantage of this unmanned flying objects for the various purpose. Keeping this thing in mind, here are  some ideas how to build and program your own drone. The Skyworks website advertises with the help of Project Eedu, which stands for “easy educational drone unit,” You can build and use your own drone just within 30 minutes.

In the above video, the Skyworks team has built a laser tag game out of Eedu drones to teach and acknowledge what users can achieve with their kits. Right now the application is restricted to only gaming, can’t be customized for any  different purpose. But soon it will come up with new  useful and essential applications like smoke detectors,” or entertainment tools.

While building the drone of your own, you also need to know the act of flying them, so here is the instruction manual from Eedu Know Before You Fly, an instructive website that consists of the basic rules for flying UAVs in public. Everyone who wants to build their own drone should read it carefully before going forward with the manufacturing process. Similarly, Omnie Solutions considered all the points before developing Real Time Monitoring System – That can shoot full HD video for clean slow motion and also  take 14 megapixel still shots.

Some of the next big things you should know about drone
  • Sony soon launching a company to build a camera drone in joint venture with robotics start-up company ZMP. And most important thing is Sony will not going to sell the drones but will lease to all those who need for measuring, surveying, inspecting and observing their farms, ground or for delivering things  and for many different other purposes.   
  • Facebook announced recently that it has hired 5 engineers that will develop solar power drones that could stay in the air for years to expand  internet wherever it is not available right now.
  • Few well known company’s like Amazon and Google are trying to develop a drone traffic control system to tackle a scenario when the multiple drones together will swarm in the air.
  • An emerging class of very tiny insect size flying drones are in research by private and public labs which can be helpful for spying and surveillance purpose and can also be used for disaster monitoring or delivering goods to humans.
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  • According to WII's wildlife scientist K Ramesh, in-charge of the wild life project said besides regular surveillance of wildlife, drones may soon control man-animal conflict in Indian forests. 

Hence it’s been clear from above facts, in no time drone will transform aviation industry. People will use it in the same way as they are using smartphone in the present time. It will be a part of every home or individual according to their need.


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