Jun 18, 2015

Yes it’s true, Apple unveiled iOS 9 at Worldwide Developer Conference with killer features, new apps, keyboard enhancement, extended battery life, better performance, multitasking and more.  But iOS 9 is much advanced and improved intelligence in Apple language. Below is the list of reasons why you are going to have iOS device more Since, the world’s smoothest mobile platform is going to be more smoother after iOS 9 release .

Siri is more advanced and proactive assistant –Siri is the centre of attraction of all the changes, it will be your personal reminder or assistant from now. It will remind you in a contextual form giving commands about the traffic condition before your meeting schedule and informing you how much time it will take you to reach the destination after analysing the traffic condition. 

Image Source: arstechnica.com

Proactive search and Siri features video -

If you will allow, it will learn about your day to day activity and offer relevant apps, functions accordingly and give your favourite contacts, apps list directly whenever you needed, along with information about the location and nearby restaurant and important news. And you can also tell her to remind you of things like meetings, appointments when you are in office, or you get in a car she will recognise when you are physically present in the car.

Even if you accessing some news and got some important work in-between you can ask her to remind about this when you get home and it knows very well of what link you are talking about. Also a new functionality is added and it will allow you to search videos and photos, to save your time i.e. you can ask her for specific photo to load. It’s a much advanced and smarter and smoother virtual assistant now.

Image Source: arstechnica.com

Life Style Management tool – Now you will be more productive with a more Intelligent OS. Your day to day life will be changed and will be more smooth and managed. Multitasking has become an important feature allowing you to use multiple apps simultaneously like picture in picture function which allows you to access the video or images while doing some other task, all thanks to the Slide Over.

Image Source: macrumors.com

Split Screen Multitasking video

More functionality is updated on keyboard section with addition of new toolbar of a new two-finger swipe gesture which allow you to select the content with other option like cut, paste, copy and move the content on screen.

Image Source: arstechnica.com

Notes, Maps, Mails are much better with iOS 9 – Notes has undergone the biggest update ever, it enable users to add N number of files to any of their existing notes including new checklists, drawing tools and sketching features. Maps now support public transport and offers transit directions. While Mail allows you to attach files, and there's a new "News" app that collects the latest headlines from top news channels from around the world and it also study your interest and deliver results and news according to it. Best thing about it, it’s been augmented for both iPad and iPhone. Last but not least Apple Pay is much better now with the addition of credit cards and loyalty cards to it.

Image Source: arstechnica.com

Security & Privacy Features with iOS 9 – During the conference Craig Federighi has announced that Apple really cares about the users. It don’t want to know or leak your personal information. To improve privacy and security on your iOS 9 phone follow certain steps which are mentioned here.
Soon Apple planning to offer a public beta of iOS 9 in July. We'll keep updating this post throughout for more updates. 

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