May 6, 2015

The saying “company culture is the king” is true and the HR team at Omnie Solutions strictly follows this rule to create an amazing work culture for their team members. This time, the HR came up with the idea “Back to School Days”, an event held on Saturday 2nd, May 2015 to make the culture more interesting and recreate the magic of school days. The event was entertaining and full of fun. Everyone enjoyed a lot and participated whole heartedly to make it a huge success. Omnie’s team is not only passionate and creative about digital and technical things like web designing or mobile app development but equally active and creative in extracurricular activities.

Here is how we celebrated and enjoyed the party. We asked the team to dress up according to the school days theme. Just imagine ponytails, socks and ties! Really sounds interesting but to see yourself, your colleagues and team in such a get up - wearing ties, school trousers, tunics and socks is more interesting and amazing. It is a feeling that cannot be described in words.
This is just the beginning of the celebration, there were more exciting things and events which took place. To enjoy the day to the fullest and to re-create the magic of the School Days’ we scheduled a ‘Zero Period’ from 4:30- 5:30pm for all so that they could enjoy this time to their liking- just as it was during our School days. The team was free to do anything of their choice, like catching up with their work buddies, enjoying a cup of tea in the Cafeteria, browsing the latest fashions on the net, placing orders for clothes, shoes or accessories online. In short, anything they would like to do.

Feedback of one of the team member who attended the party!

“I must say that the party reminded me completely of my school days. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing can beat the school days. Thanks to the HR team Of Omnie Solutions for revising “Best days of my life” although for a day but is indeed an amazing feeling.” - Deepika

To make the day more entertaining and exciting we asked our team to bring childhood photographs. We created a beautiful collage with all the cute faces and played a match – up game with all. People were asked to match the photos with the staff members. Again this was real exciting. 

The chain of amusing events continued. We held a joke session where staff came up with humorous and hilarious jokes. Some members also recited interesting facts and figures, Sanskrit shlokas and many such things.

In between all this fun activity, there were delicious and mouth-watering snacks arranged for all the team members. To make the party more real to school and childhood days, snacks included yummy Chocolates, Lollipops, Poppins, Gems, Candies, Donuts, Samosas and Cold Drinks.

Last but not the least, there was a Prize distribution wherein our CEO Mr. Manish Maheshwary judged all the team members (wearing cute school dresses) and chose the best dressed. The 1st prize of 1000 rupees cash was awarded to Gayatri Nagpal and Kanchal khalkho won the 2nd prize of 500 rupees.

The whole idea of this activity to recreate the fun and amusing culture in office by revisiting those beautiful memories of school although for a short time was truly accomplished. I must say, going back to school days was a wonderful experience for all. I would like to thank all the team members who actively participated in this fun activity.


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