May 2, 2015

On April 22, 2015, Google officially announced Project Fi, an alternate wireless service that further reinforces Google’s foray into the wireless industry.

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The tech giant’s plan to shake things up is two-fold.  First, the new service has a unique pay structure that offers consumers who are not data junkies the chance to potentially save on their monthly bill.  It starts with a basic twenty-dollar fee, which covers the cost of basic functions, like domestic and limited international calls, texting, and Wi-Fi.  From there, consumers will be charged $10 for every gigabyte they think they will use.  At the end of the month, any unused data will be refunded. 

Google’s Project Fi is also shaking things up with the company’s ambitious goal to automate Wi-Fi and cellular rotation as necessary.  Currently, consumers can try manually changing their Wi-Fi source when receiving a low signal, but they do so blindly and without any guarantee of finding a better alternative.  Using new technology, Google is attempting to save you the hassle by offering subscribers a wireless plan that will automatically search and choose the best network options throughout your day- wherever you may be. 

According to Nick Fox, the Vice President of Communications Products at Google, “It’s important that wireless connectivity and communication keep pace and be fast everywhere, easy-to-use and accessible to everyone.”  A video posted on Google’s blog reiterated the new technology and vision by affirming, “Connection is a human right”.

Google has teamed up with Sprint and T-Mobile to offer its new service and while Project Fi’s entry as a network has left some industry veterans nervous, both Sprint and T-Mobile seem excited to partner with the powerhouse.  A rep for Sprint has officially released this statement: “We are proud to enable Google’s entry into the wireless industry as a service provider.”

So far, Project Fi only works with the Google Nexus 6 and is available by invite only, which you can apply for on Google’s website. 

Will Project Fi be able to shake up the wireless industry?  Only time will tell but it is safe to say that a company as formidable as Google could introduce the next revolution in wireless services.

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