Dec 11, 2014

These days be it for office or personal use a better and easy source of communication across varied platforms is very much important to make our life easy. Skype owned by Microsoft is the telecommunication application software that provides video chat and voice calls from computers, tablets and or any mobile device to other devices.

Skype has made it easy for its users to make communication by voice by the use of a microphone, video or instant messaging over the Internet. The calls from Skype-to-Skype are free of charge.

Lync has the feature of providing a consistent, single client experience through instant messaging, voice, video and meetings for increasing the business productivity which is now owned by Fortune Global 100 companies.

Last year, it was announced by Microsoft that Skype and Lync customers all over the globe can now be connected to each other across these platforms. Such connectivity between Lync-Skype helped its users to reach to a broader network of colleagues, partners and customers hence letting the connection between various organizations of all sizes easy. Also last year it was announced that Lync users can now do instant messaging, audio calling to the users on Skype. But now this year the feature of video calling between the Lync and Skype has been added.

Now recently this news was announced by Microsoft that it has now merged communication between Skype and Lync.

The users who are using an updated version of both Skype and the Office app Lync can now make video calls to one another and it is not mandatory that they should use the same app. Now whether you make call from Lync or Skype the other user can receive it on both the applications and vice versa.

It is however to be noted that the video calling feature is only available on the Windows platform, and on Windows 7 and later. Microsoft made it clear that soon other platforms will get the ability to do conference with Lync users, by starting with Android and iOS in the next few months.

Microsoft has planned to release a latest version of Lync in 2015 by the name of Skype for Business.

This is supposed to be a better-behaved app which can be minimized when you are using another application on the PC. With the added feature of simple call transferring, which can help you to send a caller to someone else on Skype or Lync.

Hope this merger of Skype and Lync provides its users much more convenient way of interaction which in turn will lead to better business communication resulting into overall business growth all across the globe.

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