Oct 10, 2012

Window Azure
Windows Azure is a Microsoft's tool for cloud computing. It was designed to ease the management for a scalable datacenter’s of web application over the internet. Microsoft Windows Azure can be used to create, distribute and upgrade the web applications without the need to maintain expensive, often misused resources onsite. Web application development companies are using window Azure for developing data center for their web applications.

Windows Azure supports multiple programming languages platform, including .NET, PHP, Ruby, Java and Python. Developers can build with their preferred programming tools even including Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio that run on both Microsoft and on the third-party web servers. It helps you to maximize your in-house resources and reduce the cost of creating datacenters.

The Windows Azure platform is a set of cloud services and technologies i.e. Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure, AppFabric, and the Windows Azure Marketplace. It can be used for web services, managing data, scalability, and in the automated application deployment and management. AppFabric helps developers to build and to connect to the cloud. It simplifies the connection across the firewall for a flexible and secure integration that can be implemented on the existing on-premise making it very cost-effective.

SQL Azure provides data services, including a relational database, reporting and data synchronization with mobile users, remote offices, and the business partners. It is a cloud-based relational database hosted by Microsoft data centers. It also let you to combine the multiple data sources in the cloud and it also helps in eliminating the costs of buying, administering, and updating on-site servers.

As mentioned earlier, with Windows Azure developers have various developing tools that enable them to build, deploy and manage the web applications. The platform includes Microsoft web content management, Dynamics CRM platform, Windows Live services etc.

Using this, companies can also offer software-as-a-service (SaaS) to their users or it can be used internally within their employees. However, Windows Azure also provides mobile application development, social networking games and other applications; because of cloud computing they can build web applications which are fast and effective in a very cost effective way.

Its secured and reliable storages make it even more desirable. A Microsoft data centers is another compelling for the cloud benefit. SLAs for Windows Azure components guarantee at least 99.9% of uptime. It makes it suitable for the business where giving service on-time is the key component.

Still it’s not enough; If we talk about to summarize the whole thing, it is suitable for most of the businesses as it provides an affordable option for delivering high end web applications to the end users. The pricing of Windows Azure does help in the cost cutting of the small companies. So putting hands across this platform is worthy for every business.


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