Oct 10, 2011

More focus on Local Search, Location-Based Marketing

Location based results is gaining utmost importance these days as Google is giving maximum weightage to those sites ranked in Google Places listing. It helps to drive maximum traffic to the site placed at local listing. So the international businesses which don’t have the existence in local search result might loose their businesses. So location-based marketing is very important in recent times. In your digital marketing strategy latest technology Solutions such as mobile coupons, custom tags and logos should be added to search results.

In-line with the recent pace in Technology- Websites optimized for mobile devices

With the recent developments taking place in the field of  Technologies. More and more new devices are being launched in the market with added features of web access. So websites which appear on such mobile devices need to be optimized for that mode. As per the recent survey statistics mobile browsing is about 5% and may rise up to 15% at year end. Take one example, a consumer if searches "portable iron” he may click on the suggestion "portable iron reviews." If the business is optimized for shorter search phrases, it's time to work on longer phrases as well to make sure potential customers aren’t being missed out.

Social Media Marketing and Monitoring

Marketing campaigns based on social media sites can be run e.g Foursquare which gives reward to its loyal customers on regular check-in. Marketers should spend quality time with their customers in order to build a fantastic customer experience. Social media has become an integral part of web marketing campaign in 2011.

Email Marketing

This type of marketing has gained footage after the launch of Smartphones. Use of Smartphones has made email send and receive easier and also branded mailers now look prettier on mobile screens. Facebook has announced that; soon there will social media integration with email marketing tools as well. Now its best time for corporates to give your email marketing a facelift.

Social Shopping

Sharing your shopping experiences is the favorite gossip topic. People always like to share their purchase experiences socially, but new social shopping technologies, such as Swipely which is a free service that can give cash back reward and also update with what’s happening around, where to shop, and know your shopping history and other site is Blippy, where people can write reviews about the products they purchase.

Fast website downloading- Crucial ranking factor

Majority of search engines like Google consider the download time of a website an important factor for ranking. The more easily a website appears at screens of users; higher would be the chances of pleasant users’ experience leading to enhanced conversion rate. This aspect should be considered while finalizing the design of any website.


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