Sep 20, 2011

The term trend defines “what is to be done, what to look for and what to avoid in future”.

Nowadays every common man in one way or the other way is connected to technology. It is very tough to differentiate whether we are in its control or is it the other way around. The technology industry is always varying, growing and revolutionizing, which simultaneously transforms our lives and influences the market.

From a recent field survey done across various IT organizations it was observed that a change in technology trend is needed which can in turn change the system for the betterment of the employees like -Executive, IT Users, HR Department, Finance Department, Education, Health and many others.

Moreover with the rise of Cyber Crime there is need for the development of more sophisticated IT infrastructures across the globe. So organizations are supposed to take more complete and integrated approach to ensure that security across the enterprise is maintained.

Latest Technology Trends in 2011

Cyber Security

Internet security is the prime area of focus. This term indicates attack and is an important topic to be discussed as far as security is concerned. Security threat involves attack over computers and mobile devices. Now these days mobile devices are easy to hack because of less security concern. It takes more time and money to come up with proper security up-gradation for the old machines. The main focus on IT companies is to develop new trends and functions which can help to invest in the cyber security measures.

Adoption of Latest Mobile Application Trends

With the introduction of latest corporate IT environment, the new generation of powerful and consumer mobile devices e.g. smart phones, net books, have replaced PCs and laptops. Such mobile application apps trends will end up in significant changes to the customer interaction support requirement within the enterprise.

Green IT Technology

With the rise in fuel and energy prices, economic crunch U.S. government especially has focused its attention on green innovation. This will in turn bring an inundation of creativity in “green” industry. Any traditional organization often does not put much effort to focus on Green IT. But if Green technology is adopted by each and every organization, it will certainly give better solution to their energy inefficiency despite economic crisis.

Many discussions about green energy are already in progress. Out of which many green technologies are already in early phase of R&D.

Introduction of High Definition Technology

With the introduction of High Definition Technology video consumers have increased their expectations as well. Nowadays viewers want to watch TV shows and videos online. Top companies like Apple, Google and Amazon are at their best to deliver such services and products.

Switchover from 3G to 4G Network

To provide better high-speed internet connectivity via cell phones will become a major trend. Millions of more people will be attracted to mobile devices. It is believed that with the introduction of 4G mobile networks, which is considered a significant improvement over 3G, people might stop using the DSL connection at home.

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