May 9, 2018

Advancements in technology, specifically in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), have spurred business growth in various sectors. For example, we have automation software that takes over menial and time-consuming tasks while humans focus on work that requires higher cognitive thinking. Along the same lines, we also have chatbots that enable automation while going beyond by improving customer support, creating better user experiences and optimizing strategies with personalized content.

What Is a Chatbot?

Chatbots are computer programs that act as virtual agents who interact with users on websites or applications. Thanks to AI, they can simulate human-like interactions as they converse with people, keeping them entertained and informed longer than without. Because of this AI-connection, chatbots can also continuously improve with learning algorithms that allow them to meet evolving demands. In other words, the more that chatbots work and interact with people, the better they get at these interactions.

According to a report by Business Insider, 80% of businesses also want a chatbot by 2020. They know that there are many chatbot business benefits and chatbot uses they can make use of, and here’s why you should want an AI chatbot as well.

The Many Benefits and Uses of Chatbots

There are many chatbots uses and benefits your business can make use of. For example and as we covered earlier, they make it possible to automate communication between your brand and its users, which functions to improve customer support, create better UX and optimize marketing strategies.

Let’s go over these chatbots business benefits in more detail.

1: Improved Customer Support

The customer always comes first because there can’t be a business without any customers. For this reason, having an AI chatbot that treats and serves all customers as equal, irrespective of behavior, will be a huge advantage for businesses who don’t have the manpower to service all visitors individually. After all, a chatbot can act as a 24/7 customer service rep who’s always on your site, ready to help out whenever a need arises.

And, because they’re programs, multiple users can be served at the same time as well. For instance, a chatbot can greet every site visitor as soon as they land and lend an extra helping hand if they’re looking for something specific. Chatbots can also take over a website’s search and navigation features, creating a single place where users can find all they need and eliminating the need for them to familiarize themselves with the site’s layout.

2: Better User Experience

Like customer support, chatbots can create better experiences for users as well. For one, they’re fun to use — there’s just something about interacting with a program that acts like a real person that makes experiences even better. Second, they can be enriched with relevant content on a regular basis, creating better interactions that leave users happy. For example, if there’s a sale going on, a chatbot can pop up with a message saying, “Hey? Did you know that we’re currently running a sale with 50% OFF EVERYTHING and an additional 25% OFF SELECT ITEMS?” In doing so, you’re letting your users know that they have opportunities to save money. And as we all know, not many things make us happier than saving money.

3: Optimized Strategies

Finally, chatbots can also lead to optimized strategies thanks to personalization. For example, as they interact with users, they can gather relevant information needed to create valuable, personalized experiences your business can use to guide users down the sales funnel. It’s as simple as taking note of the products your users are searching for the most, and then recommending similar products they may be interested in. You can also offer them those same products with a slight discount, smoothing the customer journey even more while increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots are scalable solutions for businesses everywhere that can interact with users to improve their experience on websites and applications alike. Backed by AI, they use every single interaction as a training block that facilitates future exchanges and improves the customer experience as a whole.
As we covered today, an AI chatbot can:

1. Improve customer support by acting as a 24/7 customer service rep who’s always ready to lend a helping hand.
2. Create better user experiences by streamlining interactions with relevant information.
3. Optimize marketing strategies with personalized content that opens the door to more conversions.

Best of luck honing in on the best chatbot uses that will serve your business best!


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