Aug 23, 2016

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Cloud computing technology is supposed to be secure. But it seems the information is floating freely in the air. Most users don’t even comprehend where their data is stored; all they know is their account information. As the technology grows and becomes more popular, the less secure individual and company data becomes, and the   more it becomes susceptible to possible threats. Today, cloud-computing security is as important as ever. There is no way to completely guarantee data is aloof to all breaches, but there are various data security tips to follow in order to better prevent hackers or other security threats.

Common Misconceptions

Many people never change their passwords because they think they do not have to. However, a recent report by the consulting firm Canadian Technology, Media & Telecommunications, states that 90% of all passwords can be compromised within seconds. Scary. Security experts say that a password should be long, random, and ideally contain randomly placed numbers. Also don’t think that changing a password many times does any good. According to Lorie Cranor, who is the Federal Trade Commission’s chief technologist, some popular security advice is not actually true. Cranor says that regularly changing a password doesn’t deter a hacker at all. Instead, there are more effective methods of protecting data like encryption.

Data Security Tips

What will be covered: some data security tips that can be followed to secure cloud computing storage safety. Continue in the following paragraphs to learn more about each in detail and how they work as safety features for protecting your valuable files and data.
  •          Encryption
  •          Data Evaluation
  •         Monitored Online Activity


       Encryption is one of the easiest methods to secure data. The encryption process may seem complicated at first, but it allows for data to be more securely stored because it adds another pivotal layer of password protection. By utilizing cloud computing security software like Boxcryptor, companies can control their content more efficiently and securely on commonly employed cloud computing services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. An important data security tip to remember is when a person is choosing a program to encrypt their data; they should ensure the software company does not have access to their documents.

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Data Evaluation

Do not put everything on the cloud. While cloud storage is called the future, there is still nothing wrong with a local file server that only a handful of trusted coworkers can access. Keep that server small by putting documents that are frequently accessed on the cloud and storing the sensitive information on the server. Also, remember to back up the data. Any important document should be stored on a thumb drive or hard disk incase anything dire happens to a cloud account or a file server. 

Monitored Online Activity

Hackers are smart and constantly adapting to the ever-changing online world. Security experts and hackers play a game of cat and mouse when it comes to protecting and accessing data. Viruses and spyware can infect a computer without the user even knowing. Keystroke loggers, which track all the keystrokes a user makes on their computer are a common way for hackers to possess passwords. To protect against these attacks, security experts have designed anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Every computer should have one and it should be regularly updated, so as to always protect against the latest virus or spyware. 

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In the end we can say whether a person is running a business or just living a normal life, cloud computing security issues are always going to be a possibility. A company or individual should always be proactive in their approach to securing their data and online presence. As cloud technologies gain more popularity and a greater number of companies start storing information on the cloud, the security of the data becomes more important to both businesses and hackers. There are a variety of free or paid software’s that can assist users in protecting their online identities. Cloud computing is just like any other account meaning it can be compromised.  However, hackers are not boogiemen and they can be stopped. All a person needs to do is be smart with their online identity, utilize software, and apply all the data security tips available to them.


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