Sep 1, 2015

Internet is a market whose success completely depends on user experience and behavior. Google is the search engine that is leading this competition by providing top notch search results to users. But, a latest news in the market created a buzz that now Yahoo is also looking forward to avail the search engine services of Google. No news of any final deal has come yet from both the companies, but the partnership is still in a testing phase. Yahoo is testing its users’ behavior and response by providing the search results powered by Google. Or, we can say that Yahoo is experimenting with Google powered search results.

As the news came out, one of the spokesperson of Yahoo interacted with media and said that “we work to create absolute best experience to Yahoo users, from time to time we run small tests with a variety of partners including search providers.”

Yahoo generally provides search results powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine. According to the recent report generated by NetMarketShare, Google is enjoying the highest share of search engine market worldwide, i.e. of 71%. Google is followed by Microsoft with 10% share and then comes Yahoo with 9.6% share. If we talk about U.S, Google is having 64.4% market share, Microsoft 20.1% and Yahoo 12.7%. Google is also the most trusted search engine among users.

According to the latest amendment of agreement that took place in April, 2015 between Yahoo and Microsoft, allows Yahoo to power its search results with different search engine companies as well. Although, a big part of Yahoo search results, i.e. of 51% would still be delivered by Microsoft’s Bing.

Why Yahoo is Experimenting with Google?

This new move of Yahoo clearly indicates that it wants to experiment something new with its search results. As, Google is the most widely used search engine among users, it can help Yahoo in building a better trust factor and increase market share. 

Google search uses very smart algorithms to deliver exactly the same result a reader desires for. If Yahoo will use Google’s search results, it will help in improving user-experience and thus its overall reputation in search engine market.

Another and the most important benefit that Yahoo wants to achieve with its partnership with Google is to increase its share and profit returns in search engine market. Yahoo is currently having the lowest market share among the three giants, which is a matter of concern, and to improve the same Yahoo is ready to develop a partnership with Google.

What Google will get out of this?

Google will get an expansion of business, better revenues, reach to more and more people, improved relations with users and much more. Which company will not like to expand its business by teaming up with another tech giants? It will not only increases the business of Google, but will also increase its access to more people. By combining goals, Yahoo and Google want to achieve a huge success and user experience.

How Users will enjoy this Association?

If in future an association will occur between Google and Yahoo, it is assured that it will be of great benefit to the users who usually access Yahoo search engine. When the services of two tech giants will combine, it will definitely improve the user experience to up to several times. Services of Yahoo and trust of Google will give users the best available results on internet.

Overall, we can say that Yahoo and Google can make a good combination, we are looking forward for the further updates and we will also keep you updated about the same. Let’s hope that this step will work out in favor of both, the companies and the consumers.

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