Jan 5, 2015

At some point, you’ve probably heard that 10,000 is the magic number of steps you should take per day for optimal health. Truth be told, there is no scientific backing behind that number per se, but it is common knowledge that increasing your physical activity is beneficial for your health.

For years, pedometers have been hailed as a great tool to increase one’s awareness of their exercise (or lack thereof) habits. Besides tracking, it has also served as a great source of motivation-simply increasing the amount of steps taken is an easy goal, and it’s rewarding to watch your number climb.

But as effective as the pedometer was, it, like virtually every other form of digital technology, has been subject to numerous revisions over the years. Those changes ranged from purely cosmetic, to technical upgrades. Today, pedometers have received the glamorous makeover of functioning wearables. Watches and wristbands galore have been unleashed upon us, each claiming to compact the benefits of a traditional pedometer and cutting edge technological advances (Heart rate monitor! Sleep Tracker!) into a stylish new accessory.

The issue with that seemingly great deal though, is that the devices, while revolutionary, still largely seem to be in their infancy in terms of design. Critics are quick to point out the bulky nature of the wrist gear, asserting that the wearables are too uncomfortable, well, to wear.

There is a middle ground however! If you’re interested in a pedometer but not the bulk or price tag of a wearable you may have to look no further than your smartphone. If you’re the owner of an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, your phone comes equipped with Apple’s Health App and you can easily download a great pedometer application, like Pedometer++.

Pedometer++ is simple. It will track your steps, but it’s also sophisticated enough to identify subtleties like changes in elevation, so it will also tell you how many steps you’ve tackled in a day. With the health App, you’ll be able to access all of the latest fitness and well being tools. It can track your heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar and more!

While a wearable device may sound or look flashy, it does bare the burden of being just one more thing you have to carry/manage. These days, most folks have their smartphones on them at all times, so utilizing all of its capabilities is an easy and smart move- for your convenience and also your health!

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