Nov 7, 2012

Earning competencies from Microsoft is an effective way to make your business recognizable to the prospective customers. It helps you to demonstrate your expertise and work effectively. There are two types of competencies featured, one is silver and other is gold. Gold competency is the proof of “best-in-class” in the specific field for which you have to successfully complete the exams to prove your level of technological expertise, and later Microsoft will entitle these certified professionals as Microsoft competency professionals.

Earning a gold competency is a proof of the deepest and the most consistent commitment to a specific, in-demand, business solution area, along with the distinction of being among only 1% of Microsoft partners worldwide that have attained this outstanding degree of proficiency.

Competencies you can earn

There are 29 new competencies that you can attain. Most competencies are aligned to their Infrastructure Optimization (IO) initiative, which they developed to support the organizations in their quest to improve operational efficiency and better support business activities. The remaining competencies align to specific products, customer audiences, or cross platform. The Small Business Specialist Community (SBSC) designation will continue to be a Microsoft partnership opportunity.


Applications that you have to pass to get the required standard or advanced qualifying tests that can fulfill one of the requirements for the following competencies and advanced competencies are:

  1. Business Intelligence
  2. Application Integration
  3. Content Management
  4. Data Platform
  5. Customer Relationship Management
  6. Enterprise Resource Planning
  7. Independent Software Vendor
  8. OEM Hardware
  9. Unified Communications
  10. Portals and Collaboration
Technical competencies help you to establish better brand and image in the industry. It helps you to showcase your talents and expertise to the customer. Customers or clients always refer to the companies which have strong hand in their job and have showcased their credibility. Microsoft competency is like a reward which can be showcased to the people telling your upper hands on others.


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