Apr 13, 2012

Recently LinkedIn planning to launch 2 monitoring and followers categorizing tool for marketers and advertisers who have followers list within LinkedIn profile. Mainly it will help marketers to know what kind of people has followed them and to send company followers targeted updates.

It will be a strong LinkedIn marketing tool for the LinkedIn business profile owners. Targeted Updates will allow companies to categorize their followers by a range of section such as industry, seniority, job function, company size, non-company employees, and geographic locations. Companies then will be able to send different status (profile targeted) updates to different groups of company followers.

Now you can imagine what marketers can do if they have follower’s statistics, they can now plan their LinkedIn marketing strategy and ultimately their business through LinkedIn will grow. Research shows 70% or more LinkedIn members follow or would follow companies on LinkedIn, It means there is huge opportunity for companies to market their product and services in LinkedIn.

Currently few companies using it to test the functions and may be available for the other LinkedIn users soon. Below I have mentioned the snapshot to get the first view of the tool:

Wait for the tool launch and I will be available soon.


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