Jan 13, 2012

There are many tools available in the market used for monitoring your social media activities. Summify is one 
of them and this tool can create summary of the relevant news from all of the social networking channels.
We have been successfully using this tool and it has helped us to track status of our running social media campaign activity on various social networking platforms. This amazing tool has turned up as a boon to the various social media marketing company.

Summify is a social media monitoring tool which helps social media optimization companies to monitor their SMO activity over the social networking channels. This is very much true that Summify an easy-to-use summarizing tool has incredibly helped SMO Analysts.
Know how exactly it works:

• The first step would be plugging into your Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader accounts. Summify can be connected to as many as Twitter, Facebook and Google accounts.

• User has to decide which accounts are to be tracked. Next step would be to connect your Summify account to all your social networks, to analyze and collect the links across different news streams. This is to note that at present only text based links are being collected and not the audio or video ones.

• The third stage is about filtering the links which are being prioritized on following grounds:
  • The news story that is being shared, liked and re-tweeted by lot of your friends is given prime importance.
  • Preference is given to those friends with whom you interact more.
  • Globally the news story which is tweeted, liked or shared many a times is given importance.
•This is the last stage of filtering done by Summify on the basis of what stories you often click i.e.
  • Story from a particular user on Twitter, Facebook.
  • News from a particular category or vertical.
  • Your preference to Twitter or Facebook stories.
Summify provides the latest and upcoming news stories from various streams of your interest such as World news, Science, Business, Sports, Music, Travel, Technology, Travel, Gaming, Politics, Style, Lifestyle, Humor, Food and Celebrities. These latest news will help you to make your social media content strategy because you are connected with Summify and they will send you daily latest news updates.

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